March 9, 2015 – big bird bulletin


Notes for today: There’s a story in the March 6, 2015, New York Times about coyotes in the city parks. On Sunday the bird board indicated another Bald Eagle sighting at the reservation. Daylight Savings Time started yesterday at Fresh Pond Reservation. The original intent was to save electricity. A Bald Eagle sighting was reported on the bird board. First coyote tracks inside the reservoir fence noticed today. First flying insect (technically not inside the reservation border, but headed in that direction) sighted. Three new Reservoir Dogs today: Bruce, Sunny, and Elliot.

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Link of the day: A flock of genomes “Characterization of genomic biodiversity through comprehensive species sampling has the potential to change our understanding of evolution. To study evolution across a major vertebrate class, dissect the genomics of complex traits, and resolve a centuries-old debate on the avian species tree, we formed a consortium focused on the sequencing and analyses of at least one genome per avian order. The resulting data set of 48 consistently annotated bird genomes spans 32 of the 35 recently proposed avian orders,* including all 30 neognath orders, and thus represents a wide range of avian evolutionary diversity. Our consortium’s analyses have resulted in eight papers published today in Science, as well as 20 papers in other journals.”

Book of the day: The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Birds of the World: The ultimate reference source and identifier for 1600 birds, profiling habitat, plumage, nesting and food “This comprehensive illustrated encyclopaedia of birds of the world presents a fantastic visual guide to many of the major avian species and families, from America’s tiniest insect-catchers to the giant, flightless species still living on the African plains. A 420-page directory covering America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Polar continents features full illustrated entries for hundreds of birds, as well as detailing many other related species.”

Song of the day: Surfin Bird – Bird Is The Word by The Trashmen – Bird Dance Beat 1964 (Full Album)

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