March 8, 2015 – El Nino is back and there’s gonna be trouble


Notes for today: Temperatures were up slightly again today, producing at lot of puddles around the path. A single Herring Gull was sitting on the edge of the Weir Meadow open water area. Still no sounds, for almost a week, from the Great Horned Owls. There were two new Reservoir Dogs photographed today. The first was Georgie, 6 year old female who looks to be a bit Australian Shepherd plus something else. The other was Harvey, a black male Cockapoo born August 21, 2014. A search for daffodils near the lattice-backed bench turned up a spot covered by almost a foot of snow. These daffodils are from February 18, 2012, probably the warmest year ever recorded at Fresh Pond Reservation.

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Link of the day: NOAA: Elusive El Nino arrives “The long-anticipated El Niño has finally arrived, according to forecasters with NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. In their updated monthly outlook released today (March 5, 2015), forecasters issued an El Niño Advisory to declare the arrival of the ocean-atmospheric phenomenon marked by warmer-than-average sea surface temperatures in the central Pacific Ocean near the equator.”

Book of the day: Floods, Famines, and Emperors: El Nino and the Fate of Civilizations “In 1999, few people had thought to examine the effects of climate on civilization. Now, due in part to the groundbreaking work of archaeologist Brian Fagan, climate change is a central issue. Revised and updated ten years after its first publication, Floods, Famines and Emperors remains the definitive account of how the world’s best-known climate event had an indelible impact on history.”

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