March 6, 2015 – a bright sunshiny day


Song of the day: I Can See Clearly Now

Notes for today: And the snow is still here. But, as the Sun sets, in the shadows that start to fall across the path, new born spears of ice, can be seen stabbing into tiny, shallow pools of water. Spotted a Northern Mockingbird and several song sparrows in the bushes near the Kingsley Park fountain. Homer, a black Pug, born November 12, 2014, was the first dog to greet Jasper today, at the corner of Huron Avenue and Fresh Pond Parkway.

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Link of the day: Praying Mantises are Expert Acrobats in Mid-Air Praying Mantis babies are sleeping all around the pond, protected by the gift of antifreeze from their parents. Here’s a photo of some baby praying mantis, standing, upside down, on the bottom of an egg casing made by their mother the previous Fall. The three you see could be preparing to eat each other, or waiting for their less mature siblings to hatch. Might some people say that fresh baby praying mantis tastes like chicken? There were very few praying mantis last year, perhaps because of a winter 2+ degrees colder than normal.

Book of the day: Praying Mantis: Fun Facts, Pictures, & Trivia Free for Amazon Prime Kindle readers.

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