March 4, 2015 – march means more mild weather and mud


Notes for today: Friends, who are temporarily visiting Seattle, have sent me a photo of a rhododendron in full bloom, via Facebook. Meanwhile, to the south, in California, there’s a mega drought. Here in Massachusetts, 15 horses have been rescued after snow collapsed a barn roof in Norwell. My warnings about Phoebe and the Great Horned Owl have continued. The latter were silent today in the Eastern Pine Woods, although AB heard them a bit earlier at the golf clubhouse hill. Spring 2015 is almost here.

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Book of the day: Droughts (21st Century Skills Library: Real World Math) “What happens to the environment when a drought occurs? What are some of the causes of droughts? What can people do about the problems caused by droughts? How can you use your math skills to learn more about droughts? Read this book to find the answers to these questions and learn more about droughts.”

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