March 21, 2015 – weather weary


Notes for today: Yes, we here are weary of the weather. On the other hand, where you have four fingers and a thumb, there are videos of three Red-winged Blackbirds. Today’s Reservoir Dog is Valentino, a male Italian Spinone born November 30, 2004. At least two frozen fish are visible just below the surface of the ice at the Little Fresh Pond dog beach, near the pointed rock just off shore. Local naturalist describes seeing a raptor near Blacks Nook and being unable to identify the species.

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Link of the day: Alexander Skutch, a Costa Rican naturalist born in Baltimore, Maryland, was recommended as a writer of nature books today by a recent visitor to Costa Rica.

Book of the day: A Naturalist in Costa Rica: How Movement Shapes Identity “A Naturalist in Costa Rica picks up Alexander F. Skutch’s story in 1935, the year his memoir The Imperative Call ends. In it he recoreds his life, work, observations, and reflections during thirty-five years in the southeastern Pacific section of Costa Rica.”

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