March 19, 2015 – back to the past


Notes for today: Winter could make a comeback this weekend – with snow and other wintery stuff. BK, a photographer and birder from Vancouver, visiting for a software conference for a couple of days, reports seeing a Turkey Vulture near Glacken Field. He pointed out the Downy Woodpecker that became video of the day. Also a number of other birds that he could hear but which were inaudible to me. Older ears is the likely explanation. Two male Red-winged Blackbirds, near the north end of Little Fresh Pond, but on the golf course, at the edge of the cattail triangle, become the first photo and video record of that creature in the year 2015. The males seem to show up first and duke it out for the best nesting and feeding locations (see Book of the Day). We can only thank dog (there’s that dyslexia again…) that people aren’t like that.

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Link of the day: Land & Ocean Temperature Percentiles Feb 2015

Book of the day: Polygyny and Sexual Selection in Red-Winged Blackbirds “The purpose of this book is to explain why red-winged blackbirds are polygynous and to describe the effects of this mating system on other aspects of the biology of the species. Polygyny is a mating system in which individual males form long-term mating relationships with more than one female at a time. The authors show that females choose to mate polygynously because there is little cost to sharing male parental care in this species, and because females gain protection against nest predation by nesting near other females. Polygyny has the effect of intensifying sexual selection on males by increasing the variance in mating success among males. For females, polygyny means that they will often share a male’s territory with other females during the breeding season and will thus be forced to adapt to frequent female-female interactions.”

Fresh Pond Reservation Photo of the Day: dead fish at the Little Fresh Pond Dog Beach

Dog of the Day: Emma, a new Reservoir Dog visiting Fresh Pond Reservation for the first time ever.

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