March 17, 2015 – stormy weather


Notes for today: AB reports seeing a Bald Eagle over the golf course at 8am this morning. From sunshine to a dark and stormy day. Ice shards that never quite turned into hail or snow or rain. To the north there looked to be some tornado type clouds. Nearly everyone seemed to be underdressed for the short burst, the several squalls, of bad weather. In spite of the cold, wind, moisture in its various forms, Witch-hazel continues to brighten. Today’s bird sightings all took place at the Weir Meadow open water and included Canada Geese, two male Mallards, two Ring-necked Ducks, and miscellaneous Herring Gulls.

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Link of the day: The Biology of Pussy Willow You can find the first Pussy Willow of this year at the intersection of Blacks Nook and the golf course.

Book of the day: Our Bright World: Learn Colors With Changing Weather and Seasons [Kindle Edition]

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