March 16, 2015 – Matt Damon sent me an email


Notes for today: Yes, Matt Damon really did send me an email. He also sent it to a large number of other people. He’s the co-founder, along with Gary White, of, an international organization that works to create safe water supplies for people around the globe. The email was to remind people that March 22, 2015, is World Water Day. In local news Boston has set a new snow record. In even more local news, Witch-hazel (these are from the golf clubhouse hill) turns a brighter yellow each day.

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Link of the day: The Risks of Cheap Water “This summer, California’s water authority declared that wasting water — hosing a sidewalk, for example — was a crime. Next door, in Nevada, Las Vegas has paid out $200 million over the last decade for homes and businesses to pull out their lawns. It will get worse. As climate change and population growth further stress the water supply from the drought-plagued West to the seemingly bottomless Great Lakes, states and municipalities are likely to impose increasingly draconian restrictions on water use.”

Book of the day: Water Purification For Survival – A Guide for Purification and Conservation of Water “Table of Contents Preface Introduction Chapter 1 – Collecting water Discerning Filtration and Purification Chapter 2 – Filteration Techniques Building a water filter Chapter 3 – Purification techniques Boiling Filtration or purification pumps Purification drops and tablets Make an evaporation trap in the ground. Turning urine and salt water into drinkable water. Solar still Chapter 4 – Choose Your Snow Wisely How to melt snow the right way Does the water from snow need to be purified? Chapter 5 – Different Approaches to Hydration Chapter 6 – Minimising Water Loss Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction Nothing, I repeat nothing, is more important than water for humans to live on this planet (well excluding oxygen though that’s obvious). Your body is made up of around 60-80% water and you cannot hope to continue performing your daily chores with the same efficiency if you don’t find enough water.”

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