March 14, 2015 – Today is Pi Day


Notes for today: Rain and some fog. A nice day only for those who like this kind of day, or those who like a day that keeps people who don’t like a day like this away. There was a too brief and all too infrequent encounter with the elusive Dr Who near Olga’s Bench. Let me not forget to mention rain, and some cold, and some still slippery snow and ice. My friend Ringo was out for a walk and, like Jasper, paid it no mind. Discussion with AH about disclosing the location of a bird that could be in some danger because of proximity to roads, sidewalks, houses, people, and dogs. Email message from JT also proposing not disclosing the location. Both are bird experts who have identified species and provided advice many times over the years.

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Book of the day: How to Raise a Wild Child: The Art and Science of Falling in Love with Nature “From the beloved host of PBS Kids’ Dinosaur Train, an easy-to-use guide for parents, teachers, and others looking to foster a strong connection between children and nature, complete with engaging activities, troubleshooting advice, and much more.”

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